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Monday 09 July 2018 13:46

Ex-Japaleno players to join Pronax and Maikelele

A few days ago, we learned of the departures of Jacob "pyth"Mourujärvi and Mattias "bENNY" Rosback from the Chaos formation, a few weeks after Aleksandr "jayzaR" Zarkovic had been sidelined. Markus "pronax" Wallsten and Mikail "Maikelele" Bill thus found themselves with three vacant spots in the formation.

According to our information, the triple major winner and DH Winter 2014 finalist have found the three players to complete their team. It would be three former Japaleno who have just separated after the failure in the Minor qualifier. They are the twins Joakim "Relaxa" Gustafsson and Fredrik "FREDDyFROG" Gustafsson as well as the ex-fnatic and fnatic Academy player, Niclas "PlesseN" Plessen.


Another former fnatic player is joining them with Jonatan "Devilwalk" Lundberg who is taking over a coaching role after trying a comeback as a player. As a reminder, the latter won a major as a player then another as a coach, with fnatic both times.

With this recruitment, Chaos offer itself great firepower, the Gustafsson twins having shown beautiful things in game as well as excellent statistics. Is this finally a return to a better level for the two former Swedish stars?

Chaos should look like:

Sweden⁠Markus "pronax" Wallsten
Sweden⁠Mikail "Maikelele" Bill
Sweden⁠ Joakim "Relaxa" Gustafsson
Sweden⁠ Fredrik "FREDDyFROG" Gustafsson
Sweden⁠ Niclas "PlesseN" Plessen

Sweden⁠ Jonatan "Devilwalk" Lundberg (coach)


Créateur de flickshot.fr, journaliste et rédacteur CS depuis 2012. Fan de l'OL et amateur de MMA.