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Thursday 26 January 2017 23:20

Flickshow #4 - Highlights of Ex6TenZ interview

This is a brief transcript of an audio interview Ex6TenZ did on the french podcast "Flickshow #4".

On Virtus.Pro, their changes, and their ever lasting lineup...

Ex6TenZ : I think that you could see players like Michu justify their claim to a spot on the team, replacing Byali who was trailing for a while as well as Pasha on who you could sometimes ask yourself "What is he doing?". But after six months of slumping, to see them perform on the level that they do now, you can absolutely see that they've got a formula figured out and that they know they will continue on together. TaZ said it during his interview, that sometimes they are on the brink of fighting each other on certain subjects and yet they've always stayed together.

On ScreaM and his absence on the French Superteam...

Ex6TenZ : Well, I know things that most people are not aware of, and I don't want to get into that here. It's more the human side, but we will definitely talk about the In Game side of things. He is definitely a very complete player and deserved to be on the team. He is definitely much stronger than previous years, even though he still has some points to improve and that's what might have gone against him in the end.

On his opinion regarding a "French Superteam"...

Ex6TenZ: I like the team that's been rumored, it's not bad. It's probably not the team I would have made myself, but in terms of a "Superteam", the players have proved themselves in the past year and this lineup definitely is the French Superteam at the moment.

On SmithZz and his decision to coach...

Ex6TenZ : SmithZz is a very talented player, I've said before that I thought he should have practiced more and work more on his individual skill. I feel like he might regret this, but I might be wrong, maybe all he cares about now is to help this team and his friend succeed. I just hope that this will not turn out like Maniac where in five months he regrets his decision.

On a potential ScreaM acquisition...

Ex6TenZ: Like I already said, Scream is a very talented player, I can't say much about this so I will stay vague.

On his regrets during the beginning of CSGO...

Ex6TenZ : Although we were the second if not the best team in the world at the time, I have a lot of regrets. I actually didn't believe in the success of the game initially, so I didn't practice as well as I should have. I still had legitimacy within the team due to my In Game Leading ability, however I do know that I have a certain individual capacity and that if I had enjoyed the game more and practiced better I have no doubt that we would have had that edge that would have cemented our place as the best team in the world.

On his relationship with Happy...

Ex6TenZ : We won titles together in 2008 back in Source, I felt something in him. When you watched him play you thought he wasn't good, but he always got the job done. I had no idea how he did that. He was smart, he understood the game and I was very happy to be his teammate. There were  two other players on the team that did not like him however, and so he didn't feel good about himself. He really needs the approval and confidence of his teammates, and I don't think this has changed. There are absolutely no problems between the both of us, there's no questioning the fact that I'd enjoy playing with him, the only relevant question is whether one of us will lose his value on the team if there ever was such an opportunity.

On possible changes on LDLC...

Ex6TenZ : The people playing at the moment are very inexperienced, and I just cannot handle it all on my own. It would take too much time, and it might not work at all actually. That's why I absolutely need somebody else to chime in with me who has a bit more experience who would help the others to unlock their true potential. Of course, it's very sad for those that would have to leave, and it absolutely does not mean that I think they do not have potential. It's the absolute opposite, everyone on this team can make it and they have the capacity to do it. It just has to happen eventually.

On his kick from G2....

Ex6TenZ : It was the right thing for me and for the team. I definitely don't have any bad memories or a grudge. It was a very positive thing and I could see these effects. The team could have probably been great, maybe not as great as they've made it now, but definitely great if we had worked together better. The effects of the kick from Envy for shox and SmithZz made it so that our team was created in almost 30 minutes and it was a very forced addition. Shox already had his own opinion of how he wanted to play the game and that was an issue going forward. He definitely put his heart and soul into the team, but only on his own terms.

On the rumored Swedish Shuffle...

Ex6TenZ : I don't have any clear information, only half rumors. I've heard that NiP was involved and that they would be making changes. On the other hand I've noticed that they are still very friendly towards another on Twitter and on social media in general, it would be weird for them to still be acting this way if there were imminent changes. But the Swedish scene will absolutely change, there are too many teams that are not working at the moment.

Thanks to firsou for translating.


Créateur de flickshot.fr, journaliste et rédacteur CS depuis 2012. Fan de l'OL et amateur de MMA.